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WeRead Book Reviews – weRead stopped working for me

  To Sell is Human – by Daniel Pink – The voice in your head and how it effects the ability to convince people – There is a lower limit and an upper limit.  Too many “atta-me” chants causes tone-deafness … Continue reading

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Summary of Drive by Daniel H. Pink

Wikipedia killed Microsoft Encarta and Britanica isn’t competitive with Wikipedia. What motivation drives so many humans to create and contribute without any traditional financial reward model?  For-profit businesses benefit by finding out why this happens.  Drive is a guide on why Google’s … Continue reading

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Hiring thoughts and common human errors to guard against during hiring

There are only 3 interview questions – that is an interesting proposal by Forbes.  Brandt would shorten the interview to 3 questions – 1.  Can you do the job? 2.  Will you love the job? 3.  Can we tolerate working … Continue reading

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SuperCrunchers and ISABEL

THe following is worth digesting, regardless of agreement, as it lists several of the current technological efforts which could improve medical treatement and cost savings if used either as a job aide to physicians or in conjuntion with diagnostic decisions … Continue reading

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The Mind of the Market

The Mind of the Market by Michael Shermer.  Why humans evolved to trust and verify, why misunderstandings of economics made sense in 12,000 BC, and how misguided ‘folk economics’ is today.  Also a tour de force on the modern neurology tools used … Continue reading

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How Mediocrity wins – esp. #4

WSJ Management à la Google By GARY HAMEL April 26, 2006; Page A16 Once again, Google’s on a tear. Last week its stock price rose 9%, buoyed by a 60% jump in first-quarter profits and a 79% gain in revenues. … Continue reading

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Malcolm Gladwell – The Tipping Point summary

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell   “Why doesn’t X get popular?… (Insert your favorite idea)?”  The Tipping Point answers how you can drive more success the next time you ask that question.  Your idea catching on has many of … Continue reading

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