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I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.

Audience and readers – summary of who’s mostly the target audience

TechCrunch:  Startups, news relating to Startups, and the faces behind it. GigaOm: How technology and the industry of technologies is changing LifeHacker:  Save time and better your life via tricks, hacks, and tips. Advertisements

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Irish Sunburn

Personal Travel Note – Dingle, Ireland may be paradise. Dingle is in south western Ireland, at the edge of the North Atlantic.  Dingle is the home of monasteries which teach Gaelic to preserve the Irish language.  Dingle hosts horse races and the … Continue reading

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infosec learning for high schoolers

Python or python for informatics or similar focus Stellar course for college credit (no, really) but is 9 weeks and 15hrs study/week, like real college classes: Very intro security overview (for example for pen testing or overview of security) … Continue reading

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Develop a wide tolerance for everything except success

People who produce greatness demand careful handling.  The mad genius dates back to at least classical times, when Aristotle noted, “Those who have been eminent in philosophy, politics, poetry, and the arts have all had tendencies toward melancholia.” This pattern … Continue reading

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Psychology and Sociology research for Marketing and Sales

Mostly Questions based on the research in Daniel Gilbert -Mis-perceiving our own future:  And a good refresher on marketing themes that work: What I learned and what I don’t know. Humans are called “the ape that looks forward” … Continue reading

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Not Law School – seems like a bad place to hide out

Ignore this article if you are already going to law school because you know that you will: 1)prosecute violent criminals, 2)write constitutions for newly democratic nations, or 3)work in immigration.  If you are in those areas, then you already know you … Continue reading

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Why Amazon is smarter than your management.

Jeff Bezos distills how to look at modern internet-based information flow.  The internet hasn’t disintermediated every business yet – there are still a lot of “we got the work because of someone knowing someone.” Which is always said by companies … Continue reading

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