Psychology and Sociology research for Marketing and Sales

Mostly Questions based on the research in

Daniel Gilbert -Mis-perceiving our own future: 

And a good refresher on marketing themes that work:

What I learned and what I don’t know.

  1. Humans are called “the ape that looks forward” but when we look into the future, the ways in which we see both ourselves is flawed and the way we view how we will feel about what happens to us is flawed.  We do that in some very specific and predictably irrational ways (with appropriate head nod to Daniel Ariely).
  1. There are people who sell things to humans.  They do this for money mostly.  There are two primary types of people who create the context where sales happen:
    1. Marketers are people who generally define the message to humans so that we seek out a specific product to purchase, use, or think is cool! And;
    2. Salespeople are those who execute the specific sales to specific people
    3. To blend these two things together:  Marketing people at Apple let you know via commercials that 1)there is a thing called an iPad, and 2)all the cool sexy people already have one, and we’ll sell you the right be one of the cool, sexy people if you go to our stores.  Sales people on the other hand are standing inside the store, or increasingly designing the sales websites where people buy things, and those sales people are there to 1)execute your purchase, and 2)encourage you to acquire a few additional items for your purchase so that the company makes more money than if you just bought the iPad.
  2. Can you relate which themes are being used to make the ape who looks forward reach into her wallet and buy something?  What different themes are being manipulated to encourage us to spend money or buy things? Why is it hard to see this in ourselves, when we should already know how bad we are at predicting our own happiness?

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