Not Law School – seems like a bad place to hide out

Ignore this article if you are already going to law school because you know that you will: 1)prosecute violent criminals, 2)write constitutions for newly democratic nations, or 3)work in immigration.  If you are in those areas, then you already know you want to do something which helps people but does not pay much.  Reality.

If you are going because you are good at arguing, think you are Jerry McGuire, or don’t know what to do after your sports-management or history degree, then you should pause and think.

The Business Insider is not a good source for hard hitting facts.  They instead roll up other people’s research into sensationalized headlines.  But that doesn’t mean that these facts are wrong.  I loved law school.  It was an excellent education, and the mental cruelty is very much worth it.  I don’t practice law anymore though.  I’d recommend every lottery winner goes to law school, so you can both get a great education in logic (and illogic) as well as learning something about how your rights actually get applied.  If you are going to law school to earn income, then you should pause and confront a lot of these conclusions.

Disruption ready market analysis of legal market:

Law schools have to hire troves of graduates (at low wages) to keep employment numbers looking respectable:

How bad Debt is:

Roll Tide?

A lot of truth in this diagram:

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