SMB offering. Small and medium business data on needs analysis

30-50% of SMBs have their own website already.  The avg total annual marketing budget of SMBs ranges from $3,000 and $82,600. 

Freeware for businesses (Open Source) –

In the SMB SEO space, we:

    • Improve Title Tags and H1 tags
    • Submit citations
    • Set up Google Alerts
    • Set up a  blog
    • Provide editorial advice for weekly blog post topics and Facebook posts
    • Control blog commenting on the business owner’s behalf
    • Draft review solicitation emails on the business owner’s behalf
    • Track the success of review solicitation campaigns via a spreadsheet
    • Reach out to business and community organizations for locally-relevant links
    • Create hyper-targeted Facebook ad campaigns under $50/month in total spend*
    • *In my opinion, Adwords has effectively killed its own small business market opportunity with the increasing number of “not enough search volume” long-tail keywords and ever-higher minimum bid levels.

About paulscho36

I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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