Sharepoint Online (Wave 15) – developers’ thoughts on How Sharepoint 2013 works for them

Wells Fargo on Sharepoint 2013: “is looking to create our own SharePoint environment to use more of what’s available and build more user-friendly applications,”

“Quest sees an opportunity to use the store to move into new markets by creating new applications based on the application store demand and type of customers… “The market is going to form the view and we need to stay aligned the way it’s going to go,” he said. Quest’s first application for the store is a new one called Social Hub, which integrates social media content and feeds from services like LinkedIn and Twitter within SharePoint. “The process of creating Social Hub taught us a lot about this new app model,” he said… “ based on standard Web technologies like HTML, CSS3, REST and JavaScript, the SharePoint platform is getting the attention of new ISVs.

One example is HelloFax, a San Francisco startup that created versions of its e-faxing and e-signature applications for SharePoint 2013, an effort it wouldn’t have considered doing for previous editions … “We don’t have a SharePoint developer on staff. None of our developers has a Microsoft certification of any type,” said Joel Andren, head of business development and marketing at HelloFax.  It took HelloFax less than three weeks to adapt the applications for SharePoint 2013, and it did it all in JavaScript. “We would have never built a SharePoint application under the old framework,” he said. The applications, which so far have appealed mostly to “prosumers” — individual professionals — now have a good chance of attracting an enterprise audience they haven’t been exposed to, Andren said.

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