SEO and user clicktracking and website flow and google goals and why you should care

Your web developers have to deliver some data:

  • Do you make more sales from visitors searching for “brown shoes” or “black boots?”
  • Granulate the websites your users came from yesterday?
  • What page was read the most Thursday?
  • How many email addresses signed up for you yesterday?
  • Which email title got opened more?
  • Which page has the highest abandon or drop rate?
  • Which link in the email got clicked the most?
  • What title ended with most Goals from recipients?
  • Which keyword was the best at getting your Goal met?
  • Which keyword was the worst (visited but didn’t get to the Goal?)

With thanks to:

SEOMoz, Wordtracker, and Joel’s eternal good spirit of teaching!


About paulscho36

I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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