Web Content Creation Outline and steps

Content creation workflow doesn’t have to be hard!web content and blog creation outline and steps

  1. Title: Write 5 title variations.
    1. Do first 2 words specify the audience?
    2. Review your targeted keywords to use in the content
    3. Is it personally including the reader in an action?
    4. Does it let them know they aren’t alone?
    5. Is it a question or a statement?
    6. Punctuation is powerful – question marks best, exclamation marks next
  2. Heading 1 – Write 1 short sentence to summarize the entire post
  3. Heading 2-6 – Write 5 more section headings for your post
  4. Heading 7 – Rewrite 1 short sentence to summarize entire post
  5. Write 40 words under each heading (include your targeted keywords)content creation is easy once you loosen up
  6. Paste 2 pictures into the text to make it attractive visually and break up the text. Funnier is better than boring, but instructive may be OK too. this helps SEO, and the images should have alt text to describe them
  7. Select a title from step 1
  8. Paste entire document into http://www.online-utility.org/english/readability_test_and_improve.jsp.
    1. Does your score exceed 8.00 grade on the Coleman Liau index?
    2. Is your post between 250 and 400 words?
    3. What sentences are suggested to be rewritten? Should you?
  9. Add this while doing your keyword research.
  10. Post.
  11. Promote.
  12. Want to see how Google sees your end product? content creation steps and an outline for blogging

Research from the articles referenced by Mashable’s article on content creation.  


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