Good SEO questions and principles

PageOnePower – What two smart brothers taught me.

SEO – 3 pillars: Technical, Content, and Links.

  • Technical
    • ranking in Google: 2 questions:
      • Can it be found in Google – this confirms that all the indexing and optimization and URLs are effective in Google.
      • Does this page load quickly, as all pages found are secondarily ranked by spider-bot page load times (Google devalues it as users will not see it instantaneously, then the page when they select it)
      • Content:
        • Does textual content provide the words which explicitly call the topic out in the text.
        • If less than 250 words, the Google US bots confirm
        • Google rewards/prioritizes fresher content over older content (cet par)
        • Does the title contain the principle key words you are focused on (don’t label page “HOME”)
        • Pictures are prioritized with graphic illustrations and include image alt tag
        • Links:
          • Heavy weighting come from – Are there links headed to your page (backrub is the concept which became Pagerank within Google).
          • Pages rank, not webSITES.   Pages are independent for search results – if interested in website ranking –  Alexa site rank
          • This even includes LPs you stand up to point back to your main webpage
          • ANATOMY of a LINK:
            • Get good Anchor text for your links – the word/text you click on regardless of the url – Penguin allowed Google to kill identical anchor text everywhere at multiple ‘content farms’.  Choose 5-10 anchor text terms you want used in your links if you are placing them out there.  All these links should point to specific pages you want (whether home or specific deeper page)
            • No Follow – gives bloggers the chance to not have comments with links/anchor text comments precluding commenters from creating backlinks (most common in blog comments and forums).  No Follow means you get no credit for this.
            • Deep Link – any link not going to your Top Level Domain (TLD) – instead going to within your site, but not on the TLD.
            • Link Juice – the value of a site which links to yours is determined by length and important site which then gives a link to you – then this older, more powerful site is giving you credibility/linkjuice as Google “trusts” that site.  No Follow kills any Link Juice/Credibility. Two elements operate by Google to determine link juice – Relevancy and Page Rank.  Relevancy is the loose related terms of a referring site being related loosely in the textual terms to your own link/page + the PageRank of the referring site (10 is highest).  However, relevancy may have more weight, though less measurable
            • Location of Link – Bottom Right footer is less valuable than a centered Top link on a web page.  The higher, and more central is the easiest way to determine link juice.
            • Specifically punished by Google –
              • 1000 backlinks for 15$
                • Easy to find as link sellers use the identical anchor text over and over again
                • Publishing your link to content farms
                • SEO is measured in months, not weeks.
                • Will make it easy to spot you as you’re linked from irrelevant sites on content farms

Go and Do for your creation of links:

  1. Take every keyword you are actively pursuing; do a mind-map of the topics around. Then go pursue sites in the relevancy tree you built.
  2. Speak to the person in those sites. Email is volume. Therefore automated gets the response you expect.
  3. Pursuing viral is approximately like planning to win marketing lotto.  Build links – 1 per day in high quality, relevant.
    1. Write about how you are improving things or critical of other things, instead of “hey look at my product!” – articles trying to improve or criticize things get links.
    2. Write me 10 different reasons people would link to your site
    3. List the industry organizations for your industry to join and place your first links
    4. List forums about your niche, though link building with those forums is bad…participation in that forum though must be value added to the conversation




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