Principles of SEO Keyword Selection…before tools

Solve the business problem of SEO, then pick tools to implement your goal.

SEO business goals

Here’s our problem in outline form.  You need a way to effectively select Keywords people search on to find you.  So, what’s an ffective way to select keywords.  I am not stupid, you’re not either.  But before we select SEO keyword we need an explanation (many tools exist, but precious few explanations exist outside of tool how-to documents).

  1. Select say 100 possible combinations (both short 2 word phrases and 3-5 word longtail keywords). Our products are not geographically bounded, though perhaps within the USA is a good starting point.  If you can geographically restrict your product, it’s great (Like adding “hothouse flowers in New Jersey”).  You can use tools like Rank Tracker to see the top 100 search engine results for specific keywords. Page Rank (Google) or You can use tools like PR Checker to get this number (1-10 ranking, with 1 being the best).  When you check your site to be sure it’s indexed, here’s one tip: To check this type robots.txt at the end of the domain ( if you see “disallow” it usually means your site is blocking search engines from doing something. This article explains robots.txt.
    1. We would pursue perhaps 5-7 keyword (phrases) as targets to pursue. BUT before I choose, I need…
  2. Evaluate the frequency of use of these 100, and the likelihood of owning the top 3 search spot result in both the:
    1.  Organic
    2. Paid
  3. Show or outline your actual plan to create the links, media stories, and content reviewers to drive the Organic results above to top 3 search result on your selected keywords.

The tool for ALL of 1 and some of 2 is Google Adwords Keywords Tool, SEOMoz tool or backlink checkers all add to it a bit.  But the problem is that tools aren’t a business solution, it is a tool.  We’re looking to solve the business problem, which requires solving A-C above. If you want to do all this yourself, here’s a great starting overview.

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