keywords to get me on top of Google searches?

Top the Google search results or no one clicks (last lesson).  So, which words should you use for your startup to get on page 1.  Our story:

We do cool stuff, like you. We’re hard to explain (you too?) – we sell the ability to create a link, paste or embed it anywhere, and users can  chat with you anywhere. Your buyers’ questions go to your text message device, and you can text back your replies (or use IM). We even protect your cell# or IM address. It’s like every other chat, only we’re patenting the ‘text the web’ and IM part.  So on to Google page 1!

  1. When *buyers* are interested, what will your visitors type into Google?
    1. “Web chat” – nope, too generic, expensive, and crowded. and most searches are for porn, so we don’t want chat-roulette competition (don’t try it…I warned you).
    2. Then I looked at “add chat to my site” “chat component” “chat for my site” chat with text” “chat the web”, “text the web” and “add chat”
    3. In “Add Chat” I saw interesting, and mined in further. It is cheap and frequently searched! But then I learned, Vietnam is searching on “add chat” DAMN!
    4. Back into my Excel keywords for more research –

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I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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