Great Tech, now what?!

You have some awesome tech. We were 30% of the way to cashing a check. We traveled out of order, but here is our roadmap. You might wonder too. But here’s the map we built.  Broken out for later linking as to how we solved each:

  1. Lawschool IP guidance in a nutshell – protecting your tech.
  2. Getting past Mom&friends.  Explaining to humans the 1-2-3s of using us.
    1. Landing Page
      1. Graphics
      2. UX and punchy text
      3. User research
      4. Web Design – someone who can do this which is one piece of the puzzle
      5. A/B testing
    2. Ordering Page
      1. UX
      2. Paypal
      3. Fremium?
  3. Marketing:  relearning what we thought we knew
    1. The WHY is answered when the LP and OP are up and compelling. Now HOW do people move to your site to see your tech (and buy?!)
      1. just post-beta testing – first users…
      2. SEO – Funding G
      3. Social Marketing – Funding FB
      4. Partners
      5. Channel marketing
    2. Talking to the pretty girl – building a marketing engine
  4. Breaking the Crystal Ball – others implementing your tech!
  5. Bricks and Mortar – B2B, Channel Partners, and reselling
  6. The Teeter Totter – sucks for 1 person.
    1. Number of concurrent users in your transaction?  1 is easier. 2 is hard.  Selling shirts online – 1 person + landing page+checkout.  Dating sites need 2. Youtube needs content uploaders and content users, and visible activity or no one stays. Facebook etc have a two sided market to crack!  It’s also called a seeding problem.

About paulscho36

I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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