measuring seo results – how to know if the seo money bought you results?

How to tell if SEO bought you anything.  You’ve hired consulting in SEO, Backlink, web page optimization, social engagement, and meta tag work. Maybe even some site redesign and keyword/ad word purchases.  Here’s what SEO dude did in order for the web guy to your checks.

But here is the important this question – Did anything he did give you results. Here’s how to determine is SEO was worth it.

You should pay on whether the following increased. You should insert this into your SEO contracts and SEO pay for performance bonus next time:

  • Successful visitors got to the web page or purchase page you intended?
    • Target pages in Google analytics “goals”, measure before and after
  • The 6-8 keywords (phrases) – written 60 days ago – search return position changes?

If you are interested in discussing how to do this for yourself, ping me.


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I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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