The Nazi management had scorecards

I love Facebook – it brings the world closer, remade a rolodex into something the 21st Century can embrace, and it means we get to talk to distant friends and acquaintances instead of forgetting them.  But Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t do it all himself and so he had to hire people.  Mark was visionary and focused on a distant goal. Some of the marketing execs he hired are focused on this week’s scorecard of ad revenue or traffic.  THose folks forget that the developers are the people who made the technology.  So, pissing off the people exactly like Mark’s technical friends isn’t smart. – Dalton Caldwell explains to Mark Zuckerberg that the ads executives underneath Mark are all pieces of shit:

“your “platform developer relations” executive made no attempt to defend my position. Rather, he explained that he was recently given ownership of App Center, and that because of new ad units they were building, he was now responsible for over $1B/year in ad revenue. The execs in the room made clear that the success of my product would be an impediment to your ad revenue financial goals”

In tech companies with only a few hundred/thousand employees, the stock price drives the  same short-sited behavior – Dalton again to Mark Zuckerberg, having been screwed over by FB regarding App Center:

“employees at Facebook and Twitter are watching your stock price fall, and that is causing them to freak out. Your company, and Twitter, have demonstrably proven that they are willing to screw with users and 3rd-party developer ecosystems, all in the name of ad-revenue. Once you start down the slippery-slope of messing with developers and users, I don’t have any confidence you will stop.”


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