Old Man in Corner Office Hates Clouds

    Old man yells at cloud, demands money!, datacenter servers, and doubles the stagecoach guard on all backup tapes.

Why would your IT Executive subvert cloud development?  Preservation of budget – his own IT budget, not the company’s.   This is why he’s stealing from your company and inflating his own budgets. And his smoke-screen objectives. Fully installed Office and Cloud SAAS costs around 200/year/employee and even includes free voicemail and unlimited email storage limits for everyone!  Your IT budget is millions currently.

Undertstanding the Cloud

Part1 – Infrastructure (IAAS).  It means Amazon or Microsoft manages your servers and the network connections.  That means you rent some very smart people manage your raw storage, firewalls, load balancers, and IP networks. Right now, your full-time corporate IT folks babble about “firewalls,” or “ports” or data center issues. Your corporate IT doesn’t understand these.  Do you inform your IT dept that your software isn’t working? Seem strange to you? Do you think your IT dept. is able to maintain your systems better than Microsoft or Amazon employees?  Some of the Microsoft and Amazon folks even have advanced degrees (from colleges!).  In Software and Engineering! They care about uptime and availability.

Part2 – Platform (PAAS).  It means Microsoft or Amazon employees maintains the Part1 plus also managing your server software, databases, and web servers.  Your applications then run on hardware and software which is maintained within Microsoft’s data centers.  That compares favorably with your current low cost provider which your IT dept. found on Craigslist.

Part3 – Software as a Service (SAAS).  It means on the hardware (part1) and above the servers (part2), there is more software providing email (Exchange), filesharing (Sharepoint, etc), Chat (Live, Lync, Skype, etc).  These companies built this software.  It is fair to say they are going to be better at working with it than your IT own staff.

Undertstanding IT executives lies 

Lie#1 – Security! He will mumble words like ‘data exposure’ and “hacked”.  Two inescapable truths: 1st-your own IT dept is the weak link.  2nd – re-read #1.

the biggest threat to an organization lies within its boundaries. In its 2006 survey, “Information Security Breaches,” the DTI and PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 32% of Information Security attacks originated from internal employees while 28% came from ex-employees and partners.

Similarly, law enforcement experts in Europe and the US estimate that over 50% of breaches result from employees misusing access privileges, whether maliciously or unwittingly

Lie #2 – Security! Legal said we had to have documents onsite.  Governments and Banks are using Cloud based storage, do you need more security?  This is so incredibly rare, it is basically a lie. Ask for your own corporate lawyers to write you mail saying they’ve stopped using Dropbox on their iPad (or Skydrive or iCloud or Drive or Carbonite or…). Your HR and Marketing and Sales people have also moved to the modern web, so be sure it’s OK for them to keep doing their job. They’re using SaaS solutions too.


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