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The Nazi management had scorecards

I love Facebook – it brings the world closer, remade a rolodex into something the 21st Century can embrace, and it means we get to talk to distant friends and acquaintances instead of forgetting them.  But Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t do … Continue reading

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Old Man in Corner Office Hates Clouds

    Old man yells at cloud, demands money!, datacenter servers, and doubles the stagecoach guard on all backup tapes. Why would your IT Executive subvert cloud development?  Preservation of budget – his own IT budget, not the company’s.   This is … Continue reading

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Pareto’s 80/20 rule, what it means and 80 20 rule bullshit usage

A good friend and I were chatting about Pareto and 80/20 rule.  It reminded me how important these two concepts are to our lives. Then 2 days later, I listened to a manager spout about the 80/20 rule and  realized … Continue reading

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BYOD: Bring your own device – IT leaders wakes up, or start sleeping through payday

Enterprise thoughts and summaries of CIO articles by Tom Kaneshige and his well titled analysis- Killing IT’s Sacred Cows .  Forbes’s agrees with Tom, in an article called “Occupy IT.” Bringing an iPad or your own phone angers some silly IT people.You … Continue reading

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