Business going around IT

Business goes around IT, and it is even easier to have a working prototype in a few weeks of concentrated dev cycles. Then iterate and build from there.

In Software Engineering terms – The “lights on doors open strategy” (aka LODO) is a necessary condition but not sufficient condition for IT to continue to be employable and add value in 201x. IT has to find the sufficient conditions to warrant IT’s continued employment from business leaders.  Otherwise they watch as than see IT outsourced, cloud-sourced, or IT needs purchased from people offering expert services.   IT could find that sufficient condition on value if executives actually focus and deliver: 1)business relevant, 2)streamlined and elegant UX, 3)integrated enterprise data, 4)reporting beyond excel sheets.

Your IT department’s developers know this and are at “” or “Stackoverflow” to find modern development skills.  Most IT departments executives don’t know how to think this new way; they’re barely into PCs finally and now the world is moving again. So, they’ve found it easier to mostly think in terms of maximizing their headcount and budgets.  Businesses won’t tolerate that forever.

No matter what noises IT executives mostly make.


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I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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