Project Management overview

Thoughts on Project Management – Lecture notes for University NC Charlotte, 2/13/09
  • People: The work gets done here
    • Pareto curves & 80/20 – In Knowledge Work, a large percentage of success is due to a small, critical group of people focused on world class software.
    • Remote – Development of projects now commonly involves remote workers. How is that different?
    • Pronouns – "They" are usually doing something bad.  They never test and They never deliver on time.  Everyone on the project has to be part of "WE"
    • Set, Deliver, and Celebrate early milestones: They prove your worth, galvanize a team, and drive executive support in the project
      • Avoid the Endless Death Marches; know when to return to normal, and when to celebrate (the power of a milestone)
    • Intellectual diversity – this is a must have for any smart project; and you own creating it.
    • Everybody tests End to End
    • The 5% rule
  • Project: The What
    • Great has a lot of enemies.  Good kills Great, and Perfect kills Great. 
    • The Present funds the Future
    • Feature-Chicken: No one uses it so we shouldn’t invest in the feature – death by incremental growth
    • What you must do, what you should do, what you can do, and what you can’t do. DECIDE EARLY!
    • What is a milestone?
    • Measure (only) what matters.
    • Code vs. Powerpoint; when, why and which one wins
    • Executive sponsorship, Low Hanging Fruit, and defining success
    • Dependency mapping – understanding your exposure.
    • Risk – what it smells like, and clearing the air.
    • The 100% buy-in fallacy
  • Process: The how (or is it?)
    • Common overview of processes in Software engineering
    • Common themes in process
    • Why it is a dirty word; and that is OK!
    • But "we" don’t own that!
  • Public: This is your customer, so what do  you know?


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      I like to simplify software. I love people who actually deliver software.
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      3 Responses to Project Management overview

      1. Kaïs says:

        nice – what\’s teh 5% rule?

      2. Paul says:

        The 5% rule: roughly, it is the common mistake to believe that adding someone to a project is always positive for the outcome of the project; "they will at least add 5%"…this is a mistake for a couple reasons; first, in knowledge work, it is more important to have smart, driven people to get things done, regardless of number. Time will allow fewer focused people to deliver better quality product, and adding people sometimes neither subtracts time, nor improves quality. The second mistake in 5% is to believe that adding people necessarily improves results at all, because ramp-up time, rework, and project focus may all be expensive when you add someone. Adding a rock-star is however always positive:)

      3. Kaïs says:

        sweet – thx mate

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