Countrywide CEO sends hatemail for everyone (to read).

200 Million dollars in compensation appear to have rendered the CEO unable to distinguish ‘forward’ from ‘reply’ in his email response to a person struggling to pay back a home loan.  There is a striking difference between positions:  On one hand the CEO wrote (‘disgusting’ that people write similar  letters with pleas for loan help) and on the other hand is Countrywide’s retraction (‘we’re working on helping people who need help).  The apology for the "misunderstanding" doesn’t help clarify it much.  Much like this blog post, the CEO didn’t appear to realize that posting to the Internet is globally accessible. I would say the CEO might hit reply-all again and state that he made a mistake…and say ‘i am sorry,’ thereby removing any ‘misunderstanding.’

Countrywide CEO criticizes customer e-mail – Mortgage Mess-


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