10 IT Skills you need and 5 you don’t (Per Network World)

Good Skillz:  Web 2.0 (Service oriented, Ajax et al), Mobility, Virtualization, Security, VOIP/Networking, Application delivery, IT business reporting (Business Intelligence), understand broad system architectures

no-money skillz: HTML, Netware, Non-IP-based Networking, PC Support

The lists scare me a little.  Let’s start with what is obviously correct: HTML is one of million old languages- get out of the old languages (duh).  Netware – it’s not growing (duh v2). Non-IP-network (The world uses TCP/IP v4 or v6 soon…duh again). Supporting PCs:  web-based apps grow, need to support users decreases a bit.  All that makes sense.  So too, the list of good-to-have makes total sense.  The concern I have is that we are counting the things which can be counted, but not noticing the elephant standing quietly in the room: BE SMART.  Logic and curiosity to figure out solutions: We may not be able to quantify those as easily as ‘voip certification’ but without the skills on how to apply the skills, the upper tiers of IT will continue to be rarified air. 

5 IT skills that won’t boost your salary – Network World & Wanted: 10 IT skills employers need today


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