Then and Now – Comic Books used to battle evil

In the 1940’s, Superman entertained America by highlighting the ridiculous traditions of the KKK (The Klan).  Those comics made the KKK the laughing stock of every young person in the USA.  It is not cool to join ridiculous organization – the Klan’s recruiting died.  Someone clever has posed the same approach to today’s terrorists.  However, unlike 1940, when the sense of mission meant that the most popular comic radio/cartoon lampooned the white-sheets, we are in 2008.   The clever idea of  Scott Atran to recycle this concept against Al Qaeda requires the use of a new comic book and TV show.  Mr. Atran is right on the money when he says humor will reduce the recruiting power in the backwards teen-age boys.  This is the same group the Klan targeted – rural, backwards, adolescents.  Scott is right that humor may in fact be much more powerful (and cheaper) than bombs when we seek to shrink the numbers of suicide bombers.  But the USA has moved on in terms of the willingness to fight an enemy—otherwise Ben10 and similar cartoons would be pointing out that the Taliban is preposterously afraid of Ben’s sister (no Burka & a mid-driff shirt? "Please, no make her get dressed! Ben").  How about a relaxing game of ‘kick the goathead’??

Instead, the makers of Cartoon Network will worry that 2 advertisers might drop their sponsorships.  I know it isn’t PC to attack radicals, but they can be made to stop killing people in ways that don’t have collateral damage nor require as many soldiers shooting.  If Stetson Kennedy could infiltrate the 1940’s KKK, then somewhere we should find an informant to provide the same kind of material for the Fantastic Four’s next movie.  And make it funny- that was the point from the KKK chapter of the Tipping Point, or Mr. Levitt’s article on the profit-scam which the Klan represented.

Using Comics to Turn Off Terror | Newsweek Voices – Christopher Dickey |


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