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Microexpressions test, predicting liars, and a micro expressions test to use when playing Poker.

Darwin observed that animals/people gave hints at their true intent by facial muscles they couldn’t control — the facial muscles were too complicated for the ‘user’ to fully mask the emotion.   Researchers then gave us the term micro-expressions (short facial movements uncontrollable … Continue reading

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Any Parent has an opinion here – a fun article to read on whether things are ACTUALLY more dangerous. Knee-jerk = yes.

 Are Modern Kids Coddled? | Newsweek Family |

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10 IT Skills you need and 5 you don’t (Per Network World)

Good Skillz:  Web 2.0 (Service oriented, Ajax et al), Mobility, Virtualization, Security, VOIP/Networking, Application delivery, IT business reporting (Business Intelligence), understand broad system architectures no-money skillz: HTML, Netware, Non-IP-based Networking, PC Support The lists scare me a little.  Let’s start … Continue reading

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Anti-Aging and medical marketing

Like him or not, Brian Alexander is telling us why Anti-Aging is the next big boom in medical marketing: "The business can be very good, indeed. Doctors can count on regular hours …  patients pay cash … (and) there is … Continue reading

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outsourcing neurology scared Dr. Tallis.

British neurologist with an interest in philosophy and some experience with the application of brain research to stroke treatment.  Very interesting criticism of the recent move into neuroscience by specialists in other areas (Economics etc).  Here the author is lambasting … Continue reading

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Then and Now – Comic Books used to battle evil

In the 1940’s, Superman entertained America by highlighting the ridiculous traditions of the KKK (The Klan).  Those comics made the KKK the laughing stock of every young person in the USA.  It is not cool to join ridiculous organization – the … Continue reading

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Benefits Programmers should have

My Bill of Rights as a Programmer These are excellent bare essentials to maintain top people (or at least not piss off top technical talent).  These are also cited in’s article here.  High Backed Chairs again (Spolsky too!)

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