Four Glaring Signs Your Job Search Is Not Working and 19 Ways to Improve It – – Business Technology Leadership

Two ideas on jobsearch – the first link are the tech websites doing job search/placement – especially interesting to folks who want to work from home –  This article from is good especially for the point to match keywords to resumes.  This is something which you might overlook, but is a major part of how applicants match up to hiring managers (this is because HR/recruiters are not experts in a specific position.  they are experts in matching applicants to hiring managers).

The second is a summary from my experiencing meeting with the placement officers and executives doing employee placement in Charlotte (your mileage may vary). I’d say the best set of questions is summarized here – they are 2 questions you should answer, 2 you should ask, and 2 you should be sure you will ask your employees.


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