What Are We Thinking When We (Try to) Solve Problems?: Scientific American

Neurochemistry of what occurs in the brain while it is attempting to solve a problem.  If this is interesting to you, the book Mind of the Market will be fascinating, as the author (Shermer) has collected the neuro-sciences’ works and using economic tools of analysis has sewn some of the threads together.  If nothing else, this read is a very solid introduction to the medical tools to analyze functional areas of the brain and which combinations of activity/inactivity occur during mental actions (this does not ensure we know causality, but it does ensure some high degree of correlation).  Most likely my choice for unique topic this year, Shermer also looks into how the last 100,000 years of natural selection has encouraged traits which may not been successful now that we are beyond groups of 100s of people we know and we have to trust, trade, and talk to people whom we are totally ignorant.  This is a great companion read to the psycho-metric work "Stumbling on Happiness."


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